Skrypt is a company that makes state of the art class monitoring systems for educational institutions.

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The Problem

  • Roll call is time and energy-consuming. It’s resource wasting
  • Inaccurate attendance collation due to the sheer number and eventual stress
  • Inaccurate attendance makes curbing truancy difficult
  • high degree of inaccuracy in any attendance taken, especially in higher institutions, where the lecturers will not be able to pay enough attention due to the stress of the process
  • Issues with students taking attendance for other absent students

The Solution

An automated attendance system that tracks and monitors students activities as related to classes and lectures. Our system also gives detailed reports and analytics about students and lecturer.

The Console

This uses biometrics as a means of identification and attendance taking. The console has been design with ease-of-use, accuracy and efficiency in mind.

Dashboard Demo

The Dashboard

An application which gives detailed analytics and reports about the attendance, students and lecture and also allows you manage the users and their data

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